Leather Bikini

Mentioning a leather bikini most often brings about images of biker women, but there is actually a lot more to this daring look.  Sure, black leather definitely has a stronghold on the style, and rightfully so, but today you can also find shades of tan, blue, and even sometimes purple.  Chances are, if you looked hard enough, you could find a leather bikini in every color of the rainbow.

Of course, if black leather is the look you want, there are tons of options out there for you.  With just about every bikini style having a leather counterpart, you will find the perfect swimsuit out there waiting for you.  Leather is an exciting material to use for a bikini because of the almost limitless ways it can be trimmed and customized by individual taste.  By using the same methods used on other leather clothing, like jackets and pants, a leather bikini can be adorned with stones or studs or trimmed with a coordinating leather color or fringe.  Making this look your own will be easy.

Leather is a great look for just about any bikini cut.  Brazilian is probably one of the most often seen.  With the narrow cut back and high cut sides, this revealing swimsuit is even hotter in sexy leather.  It also works well for classic bikini bottoms, as well as boy shorts and thongs.  Match up your bottoms with a sweetheart, triangle cut, or butterfly top to complete your new leather look.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up, too.  Another option is a top like a leather triangle cut paired up with boy shorts or a skirt bottom or vice versa.  By matching up leather with a more traditional fabric, it takes what might be an edgy look with leather and tames it down a little.  You still get the fashion credit for a wearing leather bikini, but you’re not afraid to do it in your own way.